Layered Hairstyles for Thick Hair

When it comes to thick hair it’s all about having gorgeous layers. If you have thick hair then you know that it’s heavy, uncontrollable, and often full of crazy texture and flyaways. Layers can lighten up your thick locks to give it movement, volume, and make it more manageable.

A Layered Bob Looks Full with Thick Hair

A bob hairstyle works well for both thin and thick hair but it’s especially great for thick hair because it makes the shorter hairstyle look really full. The layers lighten up the bob so that it doesn’t become too wide or unmanageable. Layered bangs are a great option but don’t feel obligated to them.


Cate Blanchett’s layered bob works perfect for thick hair.

Waves and a Long Layered Hairstyle

If you have thick hair then there’s a good chance that you have at least a wavy texture if not a curly texture. Rather than fighting and straightening your locks everyday – embrace them. Sure, you might think there’s some wave that you don’t like, but with a little styling product you can really tame that texture. The layers will also make the curls more manageable.


Carrie Underwood wears a simple but gorgeous wavy hairstyle for thick hair.

Shoulder Length Layers and Curls

Women spend countless dollars every year trying to get that thick hairs so don’t hide it – show it off. A shoulder length cut with layers is extremely manageable and prevents tangles that you might get with longer hair. Show off your thick hair with a bold and voluminous hairstyle.


Gorgeous layered curly hairstyle for thick hair

Medium Length with Side-Swept bangs and Layers

Medium length hair is easy to control and very versatile so there are a variety of different haircuts for this style. Adding layers by starting with some subtle layered bangs and continuing the choppy look all the way down is a great hairstyle for thick hair.


The perfect layered haircut for thick hair.

Long Layers with Long Locks

You don’t have to get choppy and dramatic layers. Long layers will give you all of the benefits of having layers with long hair with none of the maintenance.


Kim K always has layers to lighten up her thick hair.

Long Beach Waves

Long beach waves are one of the trendiest ways to style long hair and if you have thick or coarse hair this is an easy way to embrace your natural texture and thick hair. If your hair needs some help simply spray in some salt water or beach hair styling products.


Beach waves are the trendiest layered hairstyle.

Loose and Romantic Waves

If you have thick hair and layers – regardless if it’s shoulder length or longer but allowing your natural volume to shine through around the crown with a side part and having a little bit of texture near the ends you will have the perfect hairstyle for a casual day out or a hot romantic date.


We love this loose and romantic hairstyle for thick layered hair.