Long Bob Haircut Ideas

The bob is hands down the trendiest hairstyle of the year. It is versatile, trendy, manageable, and looks universally flattering for every face shape and hair texture. The bob is traditionally ear to chin length but for so women that is just a few inches too short. The long bob or the ‘lob’ is closer to medium length haircuts so that you can still have boundless styling options and the benefits of the trendy bob haircut. Check out these long bob hairstyles for your next trip to the salon.

Blunt Bob in a Lob Style

Perhaps you know Giuliani Rancic, host of E! News and Fashion Police. This slender beauty has always had long wavy locks but she recently chopped them off for a trendy blunt bob. She said that her long her really dragged her down and this fresh chop was exactly what she needed. This blunt bob is perfect for every face shape and for women with fine or thin hair.

Giuliana Rancic Long Bob

Giuliana Rancic long bob haircut

Wavy Gradual Bob

A gradual wavy bob is perfect for somebody with naturally wavy or curly hair texture. The gradual cut will keep the back more manageable but the long length in the front will show off your gorgeous waves. This look is great for long or oval faces but it could make a round face look wider so make sure you ask your stylist.

Long bob wavy hairstyle

Long wavy gradual bob haircut

Bob with Blunt Bangs

An ultra-chic long bob hairstyle is one that is paired with blunt bangs. Blunt bangs are high fashion and with a blunt bob being the trendiest hairstyle today you can’t go wrong with pairing the two together. Make sure that blunt bangs are right for your face shape and hair texture.


Long bob with blunt bangs

Long Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

From Heidi Klum to Lauren Conrad blonde bombshells have been chopping off their length and opting for the sleek bob hairstyle. They have chosen side-swept bangs because this is a great way to frame your face shape and flatter the shorter locks. You can opt for a subtle side-swept bang like Kristen Cavalry or a full side-sweep like Nicole Richie.


Bob haircuts with side-swept bangs

A Few Layers Long Bob

If you want a long bob but the blunt cut isn’t right for your hair type or your personal taste than try a layered look. One or two distinct layers will soften up your hair compared to a blunt cut and will give fine hair more volume or lighten up thick hair. Regardless of your hair type it will give your cut more movement and body but make sure the layers are the right lengths to compliment your face shape and features.


Long bob with layers

A shag layered long bob

The shag cut is one that a bunch of lengths and the layers are feathered on the tops and sides. While this cut was made famous by rockstars in the 1970’s and again by Jennifer Aniston or ‘Rachel’ in friends, the shag has been modernized to fit the trendy bob hairstyle. This look is chic when it’s straight or wavy so it works well for just about every type of hair texture.


Shag layered bob haircut