Long Curly Hairstyles

Long Curly Hairstyles have made a comeback since the 1980’s. This sexy look is back and has been endorsed by celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles and Shakira. To proudly wear your long curly hair in a way that is free flowing and able to move with the wind! Is in fact making a statement that you are a confident person.

Natural curly hairstyle


Beyonce Knowles big curly hairstyle

you need

Medium-hold setting spray


heated rollers

medium-hold hairspray

Long Curly Hair Styles


Here is a long curly hairstyle that is done with Extensions

1 Spritz medium-hold setting spray evenly through damp hair – the weather will determine how long this style will last, so be generous with the spray and make sure you cover the hair evenly. Then blow-dry 1 your hair thoroughly.

2 Make sure your rollers are as hot as they can get. Then, starting at the top of your head, take medium-sized sections  and wind them onto your hot rollers.

3 Spray the hair with medium-hold hairspray to help keep the humidity out. Leave the rollers to cool for as long as possible – use this time to put your  make-up on and get dressed.

4  When the rollers are completely cool, gently take them out and apply some more  medium-hold hairspray. Then, using your fingers like a comb, pull through the hair to break up the curls.  To make the style bigger use your fingers to backcomb the hair.


Meg Ryan has beautiful medium length curly hair