Long Hairstyles with Bangs

There are many different long hairstyles that you can do with your bangs this may involve spiking the fringe up or even braiding your fringe to one side. Many people get confused with what bangs actually are but really it is way to describe styling your fringe.


A long hairstyle with bangs

Braided Fringe for your bangs

To style your fringe you should firstly use your hair dryer and blow dry the hair at different downwards angles to make your fringe straight in the same way that you would style your fringe if you were just to wear your hair down.

One option is to keep your fringe and also have it braided. You can do this by taking the top hair of your fringe and clipping it back and at the same time you still have a fringe that is just slightly thinner coming forward. You can choose to keep your sectioned fringe clipped back on it’s own and this will give you a thinner fringe at the front which is a particularly good tip if you have had your fringe cut too thick to wear it naturally down.

With your pinned back fringe you can leave it on it’s own or you can then take the hair that you have clipped back and braid it. To do this you need to start from one corner of the section and separate it into 3 sections of hair, you can then do a tight plat and then pin it back to one side.


A typical braided fringe hairstyle

Long Haircuts with bangs

For most women you have to be slightly careful with what to do with your long hair once you have styled your bangs. Sometimes it may look strange to have a straight fringe and curly hair and visa versa. For a side plat braided fringe that will look pretty with long hair you should take the entire fringe and brush it to one side from right to left. Start to plat tightly from the base of the hair and clip the braid to the left side of your head. For inspiration of what long hairstyles you can wear with your bangs take a look at the pictures below.


Here is a classic fringe and long hair


This Curly hairstyle with bangs almost gives a rock chick look particularly with the fiery red colour.


Curly hair with bangs