Most popular hairstyles for straight hair

One of the great truths of life is that we always want we don’t have, even with something as simple as our hair texture. Women with curly hair envy the women with controllable straight hair, while those with straight hair spend endless hours curling their hair just for it to lose hold a few hours later. The perks of having straight hair is that it goes with every face shape, fitting for every occasion, and it’s effortlessly chic. If you have straight locks you might think that your straight hairstyle is boring and you’re ready for a change, then try these popular hairstyles for straight hair for an easy way to get a bold new look.

The Center Part

When searching for a new hairstyle the high-fashion runways are always a great source of inspiration. This year long straight hair with center parts definitely took center stage. You might be thinking that just a few years ago center parts were a definite ‘no’ but as we know, hair trends come and go as fast as the seasons.


The center part is back and it’s perfect for straight hair.

A Messy Hairstyle

The days of prim and kempt hair are in the past. Today it’s all about a messy and tousled hair look. You can try a messy topknot or a messy straight down-do, but we recommend you style with anti-frizz serum so that your straight locks have a messy look but polished.


Messy hairstyles are totally IN right now, especially a messy top knot.

Voluminous Straight Hair

Straight hair sometimes lacks volume, but by creating some volume at the end with lifting long layers and teasing the roots you can give your straight hair a voluminous look with a lot of body and a lot to be envied.


The key to straight hair is volume at the ends and the roots.

Half Up Half Down

A great way to give your hair some extra volume and style is with a half-up do. Rather you have a chic straight bob or long flowing straight hair a half-up half-down hair do is a trendy and easy option.


Half up and half down hairstyles are a perfect way to get volume with straight hair.

Blunt Bangs

There is something so glamorous and fashionable about blunt bangs, but unfortunately not every woman can get away with blunt bangs because of the styling-maintenance. Women with straight hair are lucky because blunt bangs were made for a straight hair texture.


Straight hair and blunt bangs were made for each other.

Relaxed Waves

Straight hair doesn’t always have to be pin-straight. By adding some relaxed waves to your straight hair you can create a lot of body and don’t have to worry about the curls losing hold because relaxed waves are all about being loose.


Add some loose waves for a subtle change from pin-straight hair.