Naturally Curly Hairstyles for Women

How to do a Naturally Curly Hairstyle

If you want natural looking curls that still really look put together and only take five minutes then here’s how you do it. First thing you should do is put some hair protection spray through your hair and all through your ends, if you’ve got the time let it soak in for 10 minutes. It is recommended that you do this for all hairstyles that require hot irons.


Here’s a very natural looking curly hairstyle

From the back of your head roughly divide the hair in half and put it forward in front of your shoulders. Take two plastic bands and tie them around each lock at about ear height, effectively you will be left with two pigtails. Now take a hair curler, which one you choose is up to you, you can use a small one if you want tighter curls or a big one if you want bigger curls. Start by taking a small section and wrapping it around your hair curler and holding it there for around five seconds, that should give you a cute little curl and you should now go through the whole pigtail continuing the same process. It doesn’t really matter what direction you curl your hair around the tongs it just adds to the slightly messy look. Do the same for both pigtails and also it is best to let them cool down for a bit and follow up with some hairspray.


Here’s a curly hairstyle with a messy look

Here’s how to get those Natural Curls

Obviously you don’t wish to leave your hair in pigtails so at this stage take the hair bands out. This should leave your hair looking slightly wavy and straight for the top half and curly at the bottom, all looking quite natural. As a tip, if you want to take your bangs away from your face you can take your curler to both sides of your fringe and this should give it some volume. To finish this look you should run your fingers through your hair moving up the back of your head and forward which will add volume. Also, if you want to add more shine to your hair you can go ahead and add some shine spray. This is probably the quickest method to get really nice curls very quickly and you should get natural looking curls underneath as well as on the top level of the hair.


Curls can look great with red hair


This celebrity has very natural looking curls