Our Favorite Short Haircuts for Women with Thick Hair

Short hair is still extremely trendy but not all short haircuts are created equally and some work better for different hair types. Having a short haircut is a great way to repair hair that has been damaged from curling, blow drying, and straightening, especially if you have thick hair. If you have a thick mane that you need help controlling but still want to show off its gorgeous thick luster then try taking a look at our short hairstyles for thick hair. We love these hairstyles because they use your hair to frame your face while showing off the great texture and body of thick hair but keep it manageable and chic.

A Textured Asymmetrical Bob looks good with thick hair

This short hairstyle is edgy, unconventional and it is a great twist on the classic bob. An asymmetrical bob looks best when it has some layered texture rather than a blunt straight across cut. Ask your stylist for textured layered near the front of your hair to add movement. However, since you already have thick hair just keep the back even.

Textured Short Asymmetrical Bob for Thick Hair

An asymmetrical bob with long layers is a perfect way to show off your thick hair with a short haircut.

Inverted Angled Bob

If you want a short hairstyle that is sexy, fun, and makes a big statement then try this gorgeous angled bob. If you have thick hair then try an angled inverted bob that is chin length in the front, or slightly longer and keep a slight graduation in the back to create the angled shape. The straight lines of the haircut will draw the eyes upwards to highlight your shoulders, jawline, and cheek bones.  Add some side-swept layered bangs for a really feminine look that perfectly frames your face.

Short Angled Bob for Thick Hair

This edgy asymmetrical bob is perfect for women with thick hair.

Longer Pixie Hairstyle

If you want to chop off your thick hair so that it is controllable but still want it to look extremely flirty and feminine than this is the perfect option for you. We love this hairstyle because it leaves you with great length hair to style and frame your face but is still short and trendy. Keep your hair longer in the back and cut the front so that it can be pushed forward and act as layered fringe. We really love this haircut paired with great hair accessories like a headband.

longer pixie for short thick hair

This long pixie is incredibly beautiful and great for thick hair.

Modern Madness Pixie

This is one of our favorite short hairstyles for thick hair.  This pixie will make your neck appear long and elegant and make your cheekbones appear strong and defined. This style is trimmed short in the back so that it’s low maintenance but the top is full of luscious texture and extra volume for a bold look that is tremendously fun and cute. You can also style your hair so that it is sleek and styled tightly around your face for a 1960’s-retro look.

textured pixie for short thick hair

This textured pixie works best if you have beautiful thick hair.