Popular Bridal Headbands

There is no bridal rule that says you have to wear a hair accessory, but they do have the ability to bring the entire bridal look together. There are countless hair accessory options for brides including: tiaras, veils, bridal combs, barrettes, headbands, adorned bobby pins, flowers, and much more. One of the most popular (and most gorgeous) hair accessories is a bridal headband. Headbands offer great versatility for any bridal theme and brides personal taste.

Lace Headbands

Lace is the trendiest material in clothing from t-shirts and dresses to wedding gowns and even the hair accessories. We absolutely love the lace-trend, especially for bringing together an entire bridal look. You can find simple embroidered lace headbands covered in pearls, sequins, etc. It is the perfect accessory for both vintage, modern, or princess-inspired weddings.


Lace headbands are simple, gorgeous, and trendy.

Rhinestone Headbands

The ultimate-gorgeous and traditional headband defined by it’s simplicity and captivating beauty this popular headband is a great bridal choice. Rhinestone headbands come in endless options such as floral rhinestone design, simple double headband, swirls couture, leaves, and much more.

Rhinestone headbands are a bridal favorite.

Rhinestone headbands are a bridal favorite.

Floral Bohemian Headbands

Flower crowns are romantic and beautiful for a spring or summer wedding celebration. The bohemian and delicate look that a floral headband can give your wedding is one that people will remember forever. You can opt for a bold crown or simple small flowers that match your wedding day floral-arrangements. You can also choose fresh wild flowers or fake flowers but regardless of real or fake, floral headbands are a great bridal hair accessory.


Floral headbands are perfect for summer or spring weddings.

Art Deco Headbands

Art Deco was popularized in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and with vintage-style coming back around, art deco bridal themes are flourishing. The style is characterized by rich colors, lavish ornamentation, symmetry, and geometric shapes.


Art deco-inspired headbands are perfect for a bride who wants something unique.