Popular Short Pixie Haircuts for 2013

Celebrities everywhere are ditching their hair and showing off their features with short hair and the most popular cut by far is the pixie haircut. A pixie (or crop) is another fun short hairstyle that has popular since the 1920s when flapper girls started wearing the look. A pixie is the basic bold and fierce short hairstyle.

Anne Hathaway loves the pixie haircut

Anne Hathaway loves the pixie haircut

How to wear your short pixie hairstyle

One way to wear the pixie is to have a large side sweep, which is elegant and frames your face beautifully. A more dangerous take on the pixie and side sweep is having the side swept section significantly longer than the underneath section.

Very short blonde pixie hairstyle

Very short blonde pixie hairstyle

This is a gorgeous look for those with a more rounded face but still want to rock the shorter look. A pixie can be worn choppy, layered, spiked, with texture, or straight. It truly is the ultimate short hairstyle.

Emma Watson's pixie haircut

Emma Watson’s pixie haircut

Celebrities with a pixie haircut

Many celebrities like to show that they are fun and eccentric and a pixie hairstyle can give this impression. This cut generally falls between your ears and an inch or two above your shoulders. This cut looks perfect: wavy, straight, shaggy, and curled at the ends when you want to add some extra glamour.

Rihanna's pixie haircut

Rihanna featuring a pixie haircut

You have probably seen celebs like Rihanna and Alexa Chung sporting their bobs.