Prom Hairstyles that you can do For Short Hair

Prom is about celebrating the end of the school year, having a fun time with a date and our friends, and having a great occasion to get all-dolled-up and look our absolute best. Once we’ve found the perfect dress it’s time to decide on a glamorous hairstyle. Prom hairstyle suggestions always seem to think that every girl has long hair that can be curled, braided, and chignoned. For those girls with short hair, rather it’s an edgy pixie of a wavy bob; we have gorgeous and versatile options for your prom night.

A Sleek and Straight Bob Hairstyle

There is a good chance that you are already wearing a jaw-dropping dress so you don’t need your hair overdone. Also, chic and simple hairstyles are effortlessly glamorous. If you have a bob rather it’s chin-skimming or slightly longer then try a deep side part and style your hair ultra-straight.


A side-swept bob that is sleek is straight is an effortless and elegant prom hairstyle for short hair.

Accessorize a Razored Crop

If you have a shorter crop hairstyle then you can be prom-ready within minutes. Simply give your crop a boost with voluminous mousse to create texture. Style with simple and matching hair accessories and you’ve got a prom-pixie.


Your pixie can be prom ready in minutes by adding a simple hair accessory.

A Wavy Modern Bob Can be Worn to the Prom

The bob is perhaps the trendiest hairstyle right now, but today’s bob isn’t as structured or severe as the traditional bob. Create a lot of texture by curling your hair with a large-barrel curling iron but keep them loose and wavy. If you want to add something extra then pull back one or both sides with a stylish barrette.


Curl your long bob for a modern and sexy prom hairstyle.

Doubled French Braids

Braids are a prom favorite. If you have short hair you’re definitely not out of the braid-game. A double French braided hairstyle with a side part is a perfect updo for girls who have hair shorter than their shoulders.


Try a double french braid for a short hair updo for your prom.

The Flipped Out Bob

This 1960’s-inspired bob hairstyle is a great option for those with short to medium length hair and want to really spice up their look. Create lots of volume around the crown, if you don’t have bangs you can simply sweep your hair to one side and create the illusion of face-framing fringe. The bigger and bolder the flip is – the better.


Emma Watson shows us how to add big curls to short hair.

Prom Pixie Hairstyle

If you have a pixie haircut you might feel limited with your hairstyle options but fact is – you have endless hair accessories to choose from. Headbands look simply amazing with a volumized or textured pixie.


Spice up your pixie hairstyle with a headband for prom.

Vintage-Inspired Curls

Hair trends come and go, and right now short hair is ‘in’. So why not take inspiration from previous decades when short hair was a favorite. The roaring 1920’s was a time of social change, jazz music, and the bob haircut. The soft curls and chin-skimming bob haircut is a perfect choice for girls with short hair.


Vintage curls are a timeless hairstyle for your prom.

Retro Twiggy-Inspired Pixie

Some hairstyles are simply made famous by the women who wore it first, wore it best, or made it revolutionary such as the famous “Rachel” inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s hairdo on Friends. The 1960’s supermodel Twiggy,  revolutionized and modernized the Audrey Hepburn pixie by making it 1960’s-chic. If you have a simple but glamorous dress and a pixie haircut then this look is stunning for prom. A combed-over and straight pixie will make your eyes pop, highlight your bone structure, and emphasize your dress.


Look back to the 1960’s for some prom inspired pixie hairstyles.

One-Sided Fishtail Braid

If you want a simple hairstyle that will look good but hold up after a long night of dancing then opt for a simple one-sided braid. Part your hair to the side and starting at the front create a small fishtail braid. Don’t hesitate to create a messy textured look with the rest of your hair.  Just because it’s prom, you don’t have to be so formal from head to toe. This hairstyle is flirty and playful, just as prom should be.


This simple fishtail braid is perfect for a night of dancing at prom.