Rainbow Colored Hair Dye Celebrities Photos

You begin the year 2014 with everything and, although it took several months of it, a good haircut and style never hurts to innovate. Breaking the monotony of always, this time we intend to show some of the celebrities in 2014 who dared to totally change their look by applying rainbow reflections on their haircut.

The images below show us how you can show off a haircut with rainbow reflections regardless of hair type or style of face. This year is characterized by hot trend as the bright colors and combination thereof, so many celebrities chose the rainbow reflection to begin the year 2014, and in some cases we can see that does not look so bad.

Some are moving from traditional hairstyles straight hair, wavy, horsetails and some elaborate hairstyles a little but nothing complicated.

The idea of ​​rainbow hairstyles 2014 is to celebrities who dare to innovate in their look, but if you notice they are not ready to completely change his image permanently eligible for temporary hair paint or use the famous” chalk”color.

Some celebrities like Katy Perry, Alexa Chung, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, Kelly Osbourne and many more became the most striking and different colors to apply rainbow reflections in her hair as being atomic pink, neon purple, electric blue and many combinations of nuances that, in some cases, make the person look good. It all depends on the personality and desire to innovate each. Go on, be brave!

It is worth noting that these intense shades usually tend to disappear quickly. This means that although we have chosen the permanent tone, with time usually fade and disappear, so it is advisable to choose the semi permanent dyes to be changing and renewing the look more often without damaging the hair.

There are an infinite number of combinations to achieve the reflection rainbow style 2014 how are you celebrities. Some of the most desirable but difficult to achieve a gradient or combination of 2 or more colors. It may sound crazy, but if we apply a little imagination can achieve great results. Another possible combination is the” dark / light” of applying combinations of colors in light and dark tones in the hair effect.