Ribbon Hair Styles

We have put together a collection of the best ribbon hair styles around so that you can have a fashionable look whenever you are in the mood. Here are some hair style ideas that you may like.


Plait with a wibbon hairstyle

Long hair looks great secured in a low bun off to one side at the nape of the neck. Pull some loose ends out to keep it playful. Veils and tiaras are pretty much out, but a big, exotic single bloom can look great tucked behind your ear.


A very simple ribbon hair style


Criss Cross Ribbon hair Style

The hair is sectioned into 2.5-cm (1-in) squares. Ribbons, chosen to match the outfit, are tied around the base of each section of hair and then wrapped around its length in a criss cross formation, keeping the tension all the way down, and tied securely at the ends of the hair. The ends of the ribbons can either be left to hang free, or snipped off for a tidier look.