This Seasons Best Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

For many women with round faces finding the right hairstyle can seem challenging – especially if you are looking for the perfect short hairstyle that will deflect the roundness and still look chic and trendy. Quite often the key to styling your hair in a way that compliments your round face shape is to add angles, texture, and even change the color.

The Pixie Hairstyle looks Cute with a Round Face

The stylish pixie or crop cut is better suited for woman with oval and heart shaped faces – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an option for you. If you dream of having the pixie then try a Deconstructed Pixie haircut. If you have been contemplating going for a pixie but fear that your round face won’t compliment the look – fear no more. A Deconstructed Pixie puts all the volume on the top of your head, and with angled razored cut around the perimeter – your face will look less round and more oval instantly.


A Deconstructed Pixie haircut looks cute for a round face

Beautiful Bob Haircuts for a Rounded Face

If we’re going to be talking about the latest trendy short hairstyles for a rounded face. Then for this season there are many different bob variations that we can do.

The Chin Length with Fringe Bangs Bob

The reason this works is because the length on the sides elongates your face and the fringe accentuates your eyes.


A Chin Length Bob Haircut with a Fringe

A  Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle

This is one of the best looks for rounded faces because the long sides make your face appear longer and thinner, and it is a playful and spunky attitude that gives you an edge.


A Asymmetrical bob looks great with a Rounded face

Long Sleek Layered Bob

This bob falls just above your shoulders, which leaves you with versatility for styling. The reason why its so great for rounded faces is the layered angles frames your face but the length elongates the shape – making this look perfect for those with rounded faces and who still want some styling options.


A long layered Bob haircut that sits just above the shoulders

A Bob Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs Frames a Rounded Face

You can’t have a list for the best bobs for short hair without the side-sweep. The side-sweep bang is less maintenance than blunt bangs and since balancing the roundness of the face is all about angles, then side-swept fringe is perfect for face framing. Add some layers to the bob and this will give the ultimate short haircut for women with round faces.


A Bob Hairstyle with side swept bangs frames a rounded face

Short haircuts are tricky if you have a round face, as many short haircuts add width to the side of your face. Regardless, if you are feeling inspired to cut off your hair but hesitate because you fear the shape of your face isn’t right for it, just remember there are plenty of options for you. Adding the right angles, layers, and color around your face will deflect from the roundness and accent your eyes and facial features to perfection.

Remember to Choose the Right Color to Suit your Face Shape

Your hair color can actually slim your face. It is suggested that lighter hair actually makes your face appear wider. It is suggested by hair experts that you go for a darker color because they claim that lighter hair shades attract a closer focus than darker shades of brown or black. Therefore, choose face-framing lowlights that are a shade or two darker to frame your face.


A Short hairstyle with the right choice of color

However, not everybody is comfortable with darker hair, and sometimes our complexion doesn’t agree with the darker shades.

  • Highlight the hair around your cheeks so that is framing. Concentrate the highlights on the lower portion, which will help mask width.
  • Another suggestion is to use lighter highlights on top while using lowlights on the bottom – this is known as strategic lights.
  • Don’t forget the lowlight option. You can rock your blonde hair but ask for one or two shade darker blonde towards the frame of your face to add depth and deflect the roundness.