Seductive Eye Makeup Tutorial Tips

The eyes are our powerful weapon of seduction and with the proper makeup they become the gesture of our gaze in a surprising way. If you want to know the best tricks to change your face in a few minutes, we have it!

Eye makeup looks

There are many ways to make up your eyes, some more simple and other much more professional, but all with a spectacular result. If you want to know ways to make your eyes depending on the occasion, notes and displays a result that will attract all eyes. It’s time to shine!

Eye make up look: The Smokey Eyes

For your day to day, best is to use a natural and sophisticated makeup nude shadows. So, apply a light pink or brown eye shadow and then select the Superliner So Couture eye pencil and trace a fine line flush with your lashes. Then, you will only need to apply two coats of mascara eyelashes and list! perfect for your Marathon workdays.

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If you have a fun party or an important event, disguise yourself as a pin-up! The secret of this makeup is in in liner, so it applies a shadow color vanilla on your eyelids, apply a white tone on your tear and the Arch of the eyebrows and select Mat Matic eyeliner for a stroke of heart attack. Don’t forget to make a long corner at the temple, as if it were a last tab and then, also marks the bottom of them. Later, red matte and perfect! apply a lip bar to captivate your stylish self.

The Smokey eyes or also called smoky eyes, are the perfect choice for your most intense and festive night makeup. If you want to look a look intense and seductive, you select a black shadow and smoked your eyes providing a sexy black color to your look. Then, it delineates the upper and lower part of your lashes and apply plenty mask eyelashes. With little effort, you will get unique results. It dramatizes your eyes!

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If you want a fun and cheerful makeup, try to combine various shades of colors in your eyes. It begins by applying a shadow base; then, select a purple tone and mark the contour of your eyes, to bring intensity and drama to your look. Then select a golden tone to give light to the center of your eyelid and don’t forget to blend with other colors. Then selects an intense pink shadow and line the bottom of your eyes and mark the tear. Then, you will only need a bit of eyeliner and abundant mask eyelashes. Original, right?


If you want to wear a face as if you were not made-up, you will only have to apply a little shade base on your eyelid to blend your natural skin color. Then, apply a bit of illuminator on your dark circles and tear and ends with mask of tabs at the top of your eye. Viola! A simple but super flattering makeup.

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You have a multitude of ideas to give color to your eyes! Depending on the look that you want to look, your mood or what you want to show, you can carry out a makeup or other. Give strength to your look!