Shaggy Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

Paul McGregor created the shag style, which is a cut where the layers are feathered and evenly progressing at the tops and sides of the crown creating a full voluminous hairstyle but it is cut thinner at the ends. The shag is a versatile haircut that’s stylish and progressive that was made famous in the during the rock n’ roll of 1970’s by famous ladies like Joan Jett and Jane Fonda, Jennifer Aniston with the “Rachel” and Megan Ryan.

The shag works for every face shape and hair texture. It is particularly great for women who have thick, curly, or unruly hair because the layers will thin the hair making it more manageable.

You don’t have to be out of a 1980’s rock band to wear long shag. Modern shag is choppy and full of texture and volume, but it’s not as chaotic and ‘bed head’ as the 1980’s shag. Shag hair is totally on trend this year with structured  looks taking center stage on the fashion runways.

This hairstyle makes a big statement with its structured chaotic look. If you rock the shaggy hairstyle then kudos to you and if you are considering the choppy shaggy look then we have the best long shag hairstyles right here.

Long Shag with Fringe

Simple and stylish, a long choppy haircut with bangs is a fantastic haircut for women of any age. The style of fringe should be based on your face shape, because whether you opt for choppy blunt bangs, or layered side swept bang – it will fit your long shag hairstyle perfectly. Bangs often complement shag hairstyles because it pulls the entire look together making your hairstyle coherent and complete.

Bangs and shag hairstyles for women

You can’t go wrong with shag haircuts and face framing fringe.

Wavy Shag Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

If you are a fan of more texture, curls, and waves then you should opt for a wavy shag. The shag cut will give your hair more angles and dimension which will frame your face and give your long hair endless movement with those waves. The look is extremely versatile and can be worn from the beach board walk to the nightclub or dinner with the family. The waves make the look soft and feminine, but the shag cut gives your hair an edge that is sophisticated and bold.

Long Wavy Shag Hairstyle for Women

This long choppy shag hairstyle gives hair movement and volume.

A Razored Cut Shag

This look has stronger and more defined edges than a shag that is curled under or cut with scissors. If you want a defined and statement-making shag then you should ask your stylist to cut your layers with a razor. A razored haircut gives your hair movement, texture, and volume. If you have thick or curly hair then you should try a razor cut shag because it will naturally thin your hair making it lighter and easier to manage.

Long Shag Hairstyle for Women

Ashlee Simpson totally rocks this shag hairstyle.