Short Curly Hair that looks Great with a Round Face

If you have a round face then you’ve probably learned through trial and error that short hair doesn’t always look the best. Also, curls aren’t the best for a round face with short hair because the emphasis is going to be around your cheeks and it will add width, which is probably not your goal. Fortunately, we’re not here to tell what not to do but how to do it so if you want short curly hair and you have a rounded face it can be done.

You may want a hairstyle that will create the illusion of length and you can do that by making sure the volume is on the top and not the side of your head. You can also create the illusion of length with long side-swept bangs and by keeping your hairs length above your jawline.

A Short Curly Pixie

A pixie is a trendy option and can actually work really well with both curly locks and a round face shape. It makes curly hair more manageable and it adds volume and length to the top of your face shape to create a longer shape.


Short pixie haircut for a round face

Short Pixie with Top Curls

Another short pixie option is to have the back and sides very short with longer curls on top. This will give you options for the type of curls you choose with your pixie like ringlets, finger curls or barrel curls.


Short pixie with curls for a round face.

Long Pixie with Loose Curls

If you have loose curls rather than ringlets than let your pixie grow a little longer for a soft and feminine short curly hairstyle. The short bangs and long side-burns will frame your face making it look thinner and the volume creates length.


Audrey Tautou short curly hair for a round face

Short Asymmetrical Bob

This asymmetrical bob haircut blends the pixie and the bob hairstyle. It’s a good option for round faces because it will frame and slim the face rather than adding width like a longer and symmetrical bob could.


Short asymmetrical cut for a round face

Jaw-Length Bob

If you have a naturally crazy mane then don’t hide it by flat ironing it everyday. Wear it wild and slightly messy like it was intended to be. A jaw-length bob where most of the volume is going upward will work well with a round face.


Curly bob hairstyle for a round face shape.

Close Cut Bob with Side Bangs

You want to keep width on the sides to a minimal so with curly hair if you get a bob that is close cut then it won’t really add width. The curls will add height around the crown and the side-swept bangs can be thinning for your round face.


Close cut bob with side-bangs for a round face