Side Swept Bangs for a Square Face

If you have a square face shape then this is usually defined by a jawbone that is as wide as your forehead, prominent jawline and sharp sides. The key is to soften up the edges with angles. Side-swept bangs are one of the best bang choices for a square face because they both soften and angle by drawing the eye inward towards the eyes. It doesn’t hurt that side-swept bangs make your eyes bob. You don’t have to have bangs for a square face because it is still a gorgeous, strong, and desirable face shape so don’t be afraid to show it off but if you’re looking for side-swept bangs for your square face shape then here are our 6 favorite cuts.

Natural Looking Long Side Swept Bangs

These are the best type of bang for square face shape. A long side-swept fringe that grazes over the eyebrows but long on both sides and tapered cut with a wispy look.


Long gorgeous side-swept bangs for square face.

Wispy Side Swept Blunt Bangs on a Square Face

The wispy bangs are soft which is perfect for the strong jawline of a square face. They are best for fine and straight hair so that they are manageable and keep their lightness that will work for the square face.


Olivia Wilde’s bangs are barely side-swept hear but the wispy subtle sweep is perfect.

The Layered Side Swept Bangs Look

This look is particularly great with razored edges. The angles of the cut will work perfectly with your square face.


Edgy and subtly side-swept bangs are flattering on a square face.

Full Side Swept Bangs Frame your Face

Full bangs or side-swept bangs with a deep part will frame your face to make it look thinner and angler which will give your shape more of the desired oval.


A full side-swept bang is romantic and soft for a square face.

Wavy Side Swept Bangs with a Wavy Texture

Don’t hesitate to add some soft wavy texture to your bangs. You want to make sure they are long and swept to the side so that the waxy texture isn’t unmanageable. The waves are a romantic and soft texture and with the shape it will complement your square face effortlessly.


Although her face shape isn’t square, her bangs are perfect for a round face.

The Illusion of Side-Swept Bangs

If you don’t want to commit to side-swept bangs then simply sweep your hair to the side and pin it back to create the illusion. You will get the same softening effect without the commitment of bangs.


We’re not suggesting gold lipstick but we do love the illusion of side-swept bangs.