Step by Step Hairstyle for Long Hair

When it comes to styling long hairs, we always prevent having hair covering the face of the person. So we must opt for hairstyles that work and at the same time get good results and beautiful and elegant hairstyles.

Hair long hairstyle use

Most of the time we used to hold the hair for styling long hair we realized that detach easily because it is very heavy because so much hair. That’s what I found interesting this styling technique, leagues that used to sustain the long hair and that hairstyle is perfect, well polished and clean, let’s take a look at up-do hairstyle and then the technique that uses this peinador.

Hair long hairstyle use

Step 1. Create a crepe effect by leaving all the hair free to the part of the fringe, that we will work later.

Step 2. Independent front rectangular section. Roll and pin distance.

Step 3. Form a side ponytail, making sure that the hair is smooth and free of loose hairs.

Step 4. Divide the ponytail into two equal sections.

Step 5. The use of a crepe brush, crepan of a ponytail, to focus more on the hair under the top section.

Step 6. Smooth the top layer using the side bristles of the soft bristle brush and very light pressure.

Step 7. Apply two leagues to clear hair extra as shown.

Step 8. Repeat steps 5-7 in the other ponytail.

Step 9. Contacting nearest to the left ear horse tail section, bend and fold each of the three areas and secure with pins (as the basis of a French roll) on the fly. To minimize the tension to allow the hair to remain full.

Step 10. Repeat step 9 on another horse tail, this time fold and secure the hair in the opposite direction.

Step 11. Finishes.

Step 12. The use of an iron 1 “curling, curl tightly section top rectangle.

Step 13. Use your style as you progress, the way spray and waves of the bracket. Let spray dry to a strong finish. Use forks to ensure when necessary. This is just the technique that you can use to style long hair with ease, you can improvise according to each hair and according to style deses assert yourself to your hairstyle.