How to Style Side Swept Bangs

If you have gorgeous long hair then layers are a must! They look even better with a side swept bang as it adds shape, frames your face and adds definition to every style.


Ellie Goulding has a side swept bang with her long hair

Side Swept Bang and Layers

Not all side-sweeps are created equally, and when you have long hair they can really add something unique to your hairstyle. You can opt for the long side-sweep which almost covers your eyes and you can put behind your ear if you want or choose to cover your ears. The bangs look like another layer and this makes the flow from your bang to your hair natural and beautiful.  Celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, and Julia Roberts have all sported the stunning side-sweep and long layered locks.


This model has layers in both her long hair and bangs

If you want your bangs to be more noticeable, but not the blunt straight across look, then you can cut your side-sweep a little shorter so that it falls just above your eyebrow. The layers are already framing and bringing attention to your face. The bangs bring attention to your eyes and your smile. If you add a little wave to the layers, you will be turning heads everywhere you go. If you are looking for examples you can see when Ashley Olsen and Reese Witherspoon have gone for this striking look.


Reese Witherspoon is well known for having a bang hair cut with added layers

Blunt Bangs Hairstyle

There is not hairstyle that says high fashion like long layers and blunt bangs. A long layered hairstyle that accentuates a hairs natural texture and blunt bangs cut above the eyebrow or blunt bangs with a long angled layered cut will accent all your best facial features and can be styled in so many ways.


A model with blunt bang hair cut

Parted Bangs

Last but not least, parted bangs are perfect for long layered hair. They are partially blunt but parted in the middle. They are playful and flirty and work perfectly on all face shapes. Another reason to love the parted bangs is they look great pinned back or left down. Paired with long layers, your face will be framed, your hair is versatile, and your hair will demand attention.


Eva Mendes often has a parted bangs hairstyle