Stylish Closely Cropped Hairstyles for Black Women

There are many reasons black women choose to cut off their hair. Perhaps you are transitioning to natural hair, cutting off your hair because it has been damaged for heat and hair dying, or perhaps you just want the chic cropped look.

Black women have been choosing to have short hair because they often face problems with thick unruly hair and having a close-cropped hairstyle is easy to manage and maintain. Close-cropped hairstyles aren’t just practical for black women they also look gorgeous, funky, and elegant. There are many short hairstyles that look amazing on black women but here you can find stylish close-cropped hairstyles because we think they look simply stunning and chic.

A Short Feminine Pixie Cut for African American Hair

This look is characterized by its soft delicate layers and deep side-part. Keep the hair very short with razored trim edges. Ask your stylist to cut long layers around the top of the crown but keep the back and the sides short and clean cut.

short feminine close cropped haircut for black women

This soft close cropped haircut is gorgeous on black women.

Close Crop with Bangs

Bangs are ‘IN’ for 2013 and they look great with short feminine hairstyles. For this look you will want to cut dramatic side-swept bangs that frame your face. You don’t need to add layers for this look because it looks sleek without them but if you want the added texture then long subtle layers will add movement and body.

great short pixie hairstyle with bangs for black women

Add bangs to your close crop for a beautiful feminine look.

Spiked Pixie Cut

You have probably seen celebs like Hally Berry wearing this hairstyle. If you want a chop crop that is trendy and looks great on black women then opt for the spiked pixie. The natural texture of black women’s hair is thick and textured. You shouldn’t hide that beautiful natural hair and a spiked short pixie cut is the perfect way to show off your facial features and your hairs natural texture.

short cropped spikey haircut for black women

Style your close crop with spikes for an edgy look.

Curly Textured Close Crop for Afro Hair

The curly or Afro textured short pixie looks great for black women. It is one of the most popular and natural hair types among black women. The curly hair texture looks ultra-chic in a close crop cut.

curly short crop pixie haircut for black women

A curly textured close crop is a very popular choice for black women.

Blonde Closely Cropped Cut

Another stylish way to spice up a short haircut is add some blonde highlights or do an all over blonde hair dye. Perhaps you have seen Beyoncé’s blonde pixie and immediately fell in love with the soft feminine color. The blonde pixie is a great look for black women. Just remember that blonde requires a lot of maintenance and it needs to be dyed properly. A caramel or lighter brown hair color will dye easier than a dark brown or black base color.

blonde hair pixie haircut for black women

Dye your short close crop blonde for a bold new look.