Taylor Swift And Her Vintage Curly Hair Locks

Taylor Swift has had a recent revival in her music career and off course with a new album comes a new image. She has recently been fashioning some blunt bangs with straight hair but it’s her vintage curly hair that we truly love and she is a great example of how to wear this classic look. We reckon that she will probably have to change her look for 2014 and our prediction is that she will go back to the old vintage curly hairstyle that she was originally famed for. For many girls who have naturally curly hair it may be time to start wearing your locks with pride, if you wish to re-create this hairstyle then here’s some inspiration on how to wear your curly locks.

Taylor Swift with Half Up Straight Hair and Vintage Curls

This classic hairstyle will probably look great for a prom or formal occasion. When combined with a classic looking dress you can really transform your look. The combination of having half up straight hair combined with long flowing vintage curls works surprisingly well, the side parting also helps to make this elegant hairstyle.


Here’s Taylor Swift with Half up straight hair and wearing vintage curls down

Taylor Swift with Short Pinned Back Vintage Wavy Hair

If you have long curly hair but want to give the impression that it’s short here’s an example of how you can achieve the look. Wavy hair can sometimes be difficult to manage but with the use of some bobby pins and hairspray it can look beautifully controlled. Taylor swift was obviously visiting a formal occasion here so she decided to wear her wavy hair up.


Taylor Swift with vintage wavy curly hair pinned back

Vintage Curly ringlets and a Side Parting

Here’s Taylor Swift with tight curly ringlets. Once again she has chosen the contrast of having straight hair on top that flows into her long curls.


Taylor Swift with Vintage curly ringlets and side parting

 A Slightly Messy Curly Hairstyle That Looks Natural

Naturally curly hair has lost it’s mojo since hair straighteners became a girls best friend but this is the look that we believe will be back for 2014. taylor Swift usually goes for the perfectly sculpted look but the trick to the slightly messy look is to allow for some flyaway hairs.

Taylor Swift messy curls

taylor swift with a slightly messy curly hairstyle