The Best and Worst Haircuts for a Round Face Shape

There always comes that time when we ponder what we would look like with blunt bangs, a pixie hair cut, long waves, and every other trendy hairstyle. Unfortunately, not all our face shapes work well with every hair cut. The round face shape is cute and youthful but the key to looking your age to avoid that ‘you look so young’ comment and to create balance is to deflect from the roundness and the width of the face shape. Here are the best and worst hairstyle guidelines for a round face shape.

The Best Hairstyles for a Round Face

If you are looking for some hairstyle suggestions for a round face then here are the best. We want to include several different lengths with general rules so that regardless of your hairs length, you can guarantee you will look your best.

Voluminous Pixie

Let’s face it – A round face and short hair doesn’t always make the perfect pair. The trick to a pixie with a round face is to have lots of volume at the top of the crown to create the illusion of length. A pixie that is closed cropped around the face can accentuate roundness. Another great way to wear the pixie is lots of layers for texture and face framing side-swept bangs.


A voluminous pixie hairstyle is a great option for a round face.

Medium Length

Medium-length is always a safe choice for a round face shape. A shoulder-length or slightly longer hairstyle is simply gorgeous on a round face shape. However, the key to this length is to keep the waves and curls below the cheeks to avoid adding width at the roundest part of your face.


Medium length hairstyles with texture looks great on every face shape.

Beautiful Bangs

The round face shape is told to stay clear of bangs. If you have a shorter forehead then it’s good advice but if you have a slightly larger, or a large forehead then bangs are a good option. The trick is keeping the side slightly longer like you see in full-moon bangs or the trendy Brigitte Bardot bangs.


Brigitte Bardot bangs are perfect for a round face.

Long and Natural Waves

Most women have some natural wavy texture to their locks but spend their styling time straightening it out or pulling it back. If you have a round face one of the best hairstyles is medium-length to long hair and wearing your natural waves. Use some product to tame the waves and flyaways, but don’t hesitate to let your hair air-dry for a beautiful natural look. This also gives you the opportunity to play with a lot of hairstyles for your round face.


This is the ultimate hairstyle for a round face.

The Worst Hairstyles for a Round Face

We are often told what we should do for our face shape but it’s helpful to know what not to do to avoid a haircut that we hate or works against our face shape.

Short and Sleek Haircuts

You want to avoid any haircut that is right against your head. Rather it’s a short bob or a pixie haircut, adding texture will give your hair a more manageable daily hairstyle that but keeping it sleek and against your add will add width.


Short and sleek can look doll-like but it’s not ideal for everyday wear with a round face.

Jaw-Length Bob

Short hairstyles are super tricky on the round face but the bob haircuts are all the vogue right now. Unfortunately, the jaw-skimming bob will give a round face an even fuller look, particularly with a blunt haircut.


A blunt jaw-length bob does nothing for a round face shape.

 A Center Part with Waves

A center part has started coming back in trend but it’s better for the round face shape woman to opt out of this one. The center part, particularly if it has volume, will make a face look wider and fuller. However, a side-part will change the eyes focal point to the side, which will create the illusion of a slimmer shape. If you love the center part then make sure your hair has long layers that angle your face and keep your texture simple and straight.


A center part can work with a round face if it has long layers and straight texture.

Wispy Bangs

Avoid wispy bangs. Rather you choose the full-moon bangs or a sleek side-swept bang, make sure they are bold and full. The soft and wispy bang adds softness and doesn’t help the soft features of your round face shape.

Wispy Bangs Hairstyle for Round Face Shape

These bangs look great on Olivia Wilde’s oval face but they aren’t recommended for a round face.