The Best Haircuts for Women with Long Faces

If you have an oblong face shape (oval, square) there are some haircuts that look better than others. Like all face shapes, you want to show off your features and create balance so that your haircut is extremely flattering for you. An oblong face shape or  “rectangular” is similar to both oval and square face shapes, however, the face is longer than it is wide. The forehead, cheeks, and jawline are basically the same width. Square faces are also considered a long face shape. If the side of your face is straight, and the length and width are relatively equally then you have a square face shape. A square faces jawline is defined with little curvature, and the side of the face is straight.

A Few Rules to Follow for a Long Face Shape:

  • If you have straight hair, create width with bangs. Bangs can make your face appear to look shorter by cutting it off at the forehead. Straight hair is great for blunt bangs because they’re easy to maintain. If your hair is sometimes unruly then opt for side-swept bangs. Whichever you choose, it will create balance with your oblong face shape.
  • Avoid long straight hair because it draws your face down making it look even longer. If you have curly or wavy hair this adds width to the sides and long hair will look gorgeous.
  • If you want short hair then avoid cuts that add lots of volume around the crown.
  • Add width to the sides to create balance with a long face shape.

Now that we have a few general rules to consider when deciding on the best haircut for a long face shape, lets look at some of the best haircuts for long faces.

A Long Wavy Bob Creates Width

Chin length bobs are perfect for long faces because they create the illusion of width. The bob should end just below the jaw line to show off the create bone structure than comes with long faces. By adding a wavy texture to the bob it will create more width and it simply looks modern and fresh.


A wavy lob adds width to a long face shape.

A Lob with Side Swept Bangs

It’s established the bob is the ultimate oblong face shape haircut but when you pair the long bob with side swept bangs it really highlights gorgeous cheekbones and strong jawline. Long side-swept bangs don’t just frame a long face, but they hide large foreheads. Another benefit of the side-swept lob is it grows out perfectly for when you’re ready a new hair do.


Style your medium bob hairstyle with side-swept bangs.

Long Layered Hair with Thick Bangs

Long hair can be unflattering on women with long faces because the length will elongate the face even more. This doesn’t mean women with long faces are excluded from long locks; simply cut in some long layers and thick bangs to make the large forehead look smaller and shorten the length of the face.


Add some bangs to your long hair cut to shorten the length of a long face shape.

Long Hair with Curls

If you have a long face but don’t want the maintenance of bangs then hopefully you love curls. Curls are a great way to give your hair volume and width to balance out the length of the face. If you have naturally curly hair then you’re in luck, but if you hair is straight then this hairstyle might be a bigger commitment then bangs. The style of curls you choose is up to, but we love the curls from a medium-barreled curling iron. You don’t have to curl your entire head, just enough to give your hair some texture and width.


If you love long hair but have a long face then add some loose curls.

Shoulder-Length Cut with Layers is a Popular Choice

A shoulder-length hair cut is extremely flattering on long face shapes. It’s not too long, and not too short. Best of all, you don’t have to add bangs or a lot of waves and curls like with super long hair, but you still get to benefits of longer hair like versatility and styling options. Add some long layers into your medium length hairstyle; the shortest layer should be chin-length. The layers will give your hair texture, and the chin length layer will create the illusion of width.


Shoulder length haircuts with volume and long layers look beautiful on long face shapes.