The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you’ve been told that you look much younger than you actually are your entire life, then you probably have a round face. Round faces are youthful and sweet, but sometimes you would prefer to look more mature and sophisticated. The secret to a great rounded-face hairstyle is balancing and averting from the roundness and making your face appear thinner.

Side-Swept Bangs with Long Layers

A lot of women with round faces stay clear of bangs, and the fear is understood but also unnecessary. You don’t have to fear bangs, but rather make sure they work with your face shape. A shoulder length haircut with long layers and a long side-swept bang will frame your face, which will make it look thinner. The side-swept bang should graze of the cheekbones and this will help define them.


Long side-swept bangs frame a round face flawlessly.

Loose Wavy Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

Shoulder-length hairstyles are universally flattering, but they can also add width and that’s what women with round faces want to avoid. A great idea is to cut long layers; this should weigh down your hair. By adding some loose waves near the end of your hair (right below the cheek) you will have a textured and gorgeous hairstyle that doesn’t add width near your cheeks.


Waves are universally flattering.

Straight and Layered Haircut for a Round Face

Shoulder-length hair that is long, straight, and layered will give your face the illusion of length and highlight the cheekbones. With this length you have a lot of versatility for updo’s and can style your hair with some loose waves for a spiced up look.


Straight and layered locks are perfect for a round face shape.

Deep Part with Loose Waves

Regardless of the texture of your medium-length hairstyle by giving it a deep side part it will change the focal point and length of your face. A deep part that is above your cheek rather than your nose will give your face a more oval look. With this look you have some room too add waves and texture to your shoulder length cut.


A deep side part can give a round face an oval appearance.

Voluminous Lob looks great on Adele

A lot of women with round faces are afraid of bobs and lobs, but you don’t have to be. We love Adele’s bouncy lob with her round face. It works because all the volume on the sides is balanced by the width on top.


Don’t be afraid of the lob. It can give a round face gorgeous balance.