The Best Ponytail for Your Face Shape

The ponytail is the quintessential go-to hairstyle for women of every age, hair type and (most) hair lengths. We have our favourite type of ponytail. While some of us love the pony on the top of the end, some of us prefer it left down and loose. Perhaps it’s because you’ve realised over the years of trial and error that this ponytail style works for you. That’s because our face shape has a huge impact on what works and what doesn’t. Here are some of the best ponytails for your face shape.

Ponytails for Round Faces

If you have a round face shape you need to add length but giving height at the grown of your hair. A voluminous ponytail will elongate your face and create the illusion of length. Add a bouffant or a high ponytail. Just make sure you steer clear of slicked-back ponytails because your face will look fuller than usual. If you don’t like the bouffant style then a low ponytail is fine just add some long side-swept bangs to frame and slim your round shape.


Flattering ponytails for a round face shape


Ponytail hairstyle for a Square/Rectangle Face

This face shape has a defined and strong hairline and jawline so you want to soften up your square shape with wispy strands of hair. This will help disguise harsh angles for a more oval look. A good place to find inspiration is the trés chic Brigitte Bardot centre bangs with face framing layers and her classic updos.


The best ponytail for a square face shape


Ponytail for a Heart Shaped Face

If you have that charming pointy chin and wide forehead as a heart-shaped face then a mid-height ponytail is a classic go-to that works. The mid-height pony will open your face but it won’t bring attention upward towards your forehead like a topknot just as a low and side-swept ponytail will bring attention to your chin. You might want to pair your ponytail with wispy bangs that will help hide the


Gorgeous ponytails that look great with a heart shaped face

Ponytail hairstyle for Diamond Shaped faces

A diamond shape has a slightly pointy chin and strong cheekbones but is more or less as versatile as an oval face shape. Your chiseled cheekbones are a strong feature so a good way to create balance is to add a rounded shape on your head with your ponytail. You can tease the top of your crown for some soft added volume with a mid-height ponytail.


Amazing rounded ponytail hairstyles for a diamond face shape