The Definitive Facial Hygiene Protocol

Fun, relaxing as well as effective: so the new purifying ritual that goes up to another level your facial hygiene routine.

The key to keep your skin clean, fresh as well as free of glare as well as imperfections? A thorough cleaning. If you have oily skin, your skin has thicker, the pores are more dilated as well as excess Sebaceous secretion causes the face to shine you. In addition, you should know that if you have mixed skin you suffer excess sebum which will be usually in the area (forehead, nose as well as Chin) T, causing glare as well as imperfections alike.

Be as it may, already have the mixed, fat, or normal skin, you present your new ally matifying as well as purifying it will keep your face with a perfect finish in any situation: the new green purifying mask of L’Oreal Paris.

What is the secret of your success?

The combination of three pure clay + eucalyptus in a fresh as well as creamy texture on your face.

These three pure clays have powerful properties that you care in depth: the sum of the kaolin, three, montmorillonite as well as the lava of Morocco, get absorb sebum as well as impurities, while they fight the imperfections as well as illuminate skin.

You know all the benefits you get by introducing this new extra step to your facial cleansing ritual, now find out when as well as how you should use your green purifying mask:

When to do it?

One to three times per week. You can choose the days on which you have an appointment, or important event since you’ll immediately feel your skin in top form: fresh, clean as well as purified.

How can you apply it?

To begin, cover your face with a thin layer of your purifying mask. It is very important that you do it on a clean skin; no trace of makeup.

The second step is in which you can relax as well as enjoy your time’ spa’ true since you’ll have to leave the product to dry for ten or 15 minutes. What can you do while you wait? Listen to your favorite music as well as dancing non-stop, meditate, Ponte a day with your favorite series, choose your look for the weekend, look a makeup tutorial… The sky is the limit! Finally, rinse your skin with copious amounts of warm water, as well as voila! Finished treatment.

To which you had like it to last longer? The good news is that you can turn it into a regular step of your care of beauty as well as the best thing is that this habit will be reflected in your skin day after day. You know that immediately you’ll be fresh, clean, purified, skin but after seven days you will notice more benefits: your face is much better and shines under control. After a while you’ll notice you more beautiful as well as radiant since you attachment with the cleaning your skin to ‘breathe’ in an optimal way.

Exposes your best face and keep the shine under control!