The Hottest Straight Haircuts for Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair is extremely feminine, trendy, and versatile. It is easier to style and maintain than long hair but still gives you plenty of styling options. However, medium length hair can ultimately be a little boring and bland sometimes. If you are looking for a new haircut that compliments your length but also spices it up then here some of the hottest haircuts for mid-length hair.

A Long Bob for Straight Hair

There is something so chic and appealing about the long bob. One of the reasons people love the lob so much is because of its casual appeal that is perfect for the work place but also it’s a tremendously vogue look that can look high fashion and gorgeous on a night out on the town.

To achieve the lob you want to ask your stylist to give you long layers that fall to the shoulder or collarbone length. This look is also great for those who don’t want to deal with the maintenance and commitment of bangs. The long straight layers will fall effortlessly which will frame your face and give your hair body and movement.

Long Straight Bob for Medium Length Hair

A blunt lob is a gorgeous medium length haircut.

Choppy Layers and Full Bangs for Medium Hair

Creating choppy layers all around your crown and down the face will give your hair plenty of texture and make it appear fuller. This is a great way to take your medium length hair from drab to fab without a dramatic shorter haircut.

In order to achieve this look ask the stylist to cut choppy layers throughout your mid-length hair. Once you have your hair styled straight the layers will create a waterfall effect that will frame your face and give your hair amazing volume. This haircut is recommended for women with thicker hair because if you have fine hair it can end up looking stringy.

medium length layered straight haircuts

A choppy medium length haircut with full bangs looks great with thick hair.

The Straight Bob

When it comes to straight medium length hair the bob truly is the ultimately haircut. Whichever variation you choose will great whether you want a classic blunt bob or a gradual bob where the hair is longer in the front and shorter in the back.

If you want to achieve this look then ask your stylist to cut your hair either right below your chin or right above your shoulders. The longest the bob should go is an inch or two beyond the shoulders or it can end up looking weighed down. If you want the gradual bob then the back should be a few centimeters shorter than the front. If you have fine hair then keep the bob shorter so that it is easier to style and add volume.

medium length straight bob

A gradual bob is a low-maintenance straight medium length haircut.

Medium length hair is right on trend this year and straight hair is extremely chic. However, when it comes to straight medium length haircuts it is all about the right cut. Straight hair can often look flat and dull so the right cut is critical. The above mentioned haircuts are some of the hottest medium length cuts around but its important you get a haircut based on your hair texture. If you have fine or thin hair then stick with blunt haircuts or only a few subtle long haircuts because this will add thickness. If you have thicker hair then you can opt for the choppy medium length straighter haircuts.