Trendy Short Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

Many black women choose to have short hair because it’s easy to maintain, extremely sexy, and feminine. Sometimes chopping off long hair is inevitable during transition periods as well. Regardless of why you are choosing to cut your hair off or change the style of your already shorter locks, there are plenty of trendy hairstyles for black beauties.

The Pixies Hairstyle is popular with African American Women

The pixie is the trendiest cut of the year, and it works perfectly with the texture of black women’s hair. If you have super curls or relaxed waves then a pixie requires little maintenance – just add some mousse and it looks fabulous. It’s also an extremely elegant and cute hair style.

The one sided buzz cut pixie is really trendy this year, you can see women everywhere wearing one part of their hair buzzed cut while the rest of left longer. It’s edgy, funky, and trendy.

The spiked pixie is always chic, looks fabulous, and an effortless style . Cut your hair slightly shorter in the back and on the sides but leave the volume on top and style it so it’s almost a mohawk.

Edgy Short Haircuts for Black Women

This buzzed cut short hairstyle for black women is funky, fun and fabulous.

The Short Bob is a Trendy hairstyle for black women

The classic short bob is a timeless style. The bob is perfect because it is so universal. If you are going from the office to the club the bob works. You should get a bob that best suits your face shape and your hairs texture, but there are several cuts that are super trendy this year.

The layered bob gives your hair dimension, frames your face, and allows you to play with layered side-swept bangs. It looks fabulous if it is straightened or with relaxed waves.

The asymmetrical bob where the hair is cut shorter in the back and longer in the front offers a lot to your hairstyle, especially if you add a dramatic side part. It gives your hair a thick luscious appeal in the back but allows you to still style and play with updo’s with the longer front locks.

Asymmetrical Bob for Black Women

This asymmetrical bob is stylish and gorgeous for black women.

Short hair is totally on trend and looks stunning on black women. If you have naturally curly hair then don’t hide it. Volume looks luxurious and beautiful on black women but if you have straight tresses then a classic bob with angled bangs is truly elegant and timeless. If you want to have the messy voluminous pixie then any woman can get this look with the right layers and hair product. Regardless of which shorter haircut you choose or which hair color, wear it with confidence knowing you are right on trend.