Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair

A girl is never happier than when rummaging through antique shops and flea markets, searching for vintage tea dresses, silk gloves and beaded purses so wouldn’t it be great to have a vintage hairstyle to really stand out in the shops. At the end of your bed you may keep old pine trunk, overflowing with diaphanous slips, pretty scraps of antique lace and crochet, and romantic Victorian nightgowns. For your wedding day, you can team a snugly fitting Edwardian bodice with a full tulle skirt, and wear a romantic amethyst choker at her throat.

Vintage Hair


Vintage hairstyle for a women

There are a number of vintage hairstyles that you can choose but here’s a popular one if you have long hair, you could opt for a half-up, half-down do, with your hair half obscuring your crown, but with delicate tendrils framing your face. Mid-length hair can create the illusion of length when it is pulled back under a two- tier lace veil. Short hair can be softened with light-hold wax and decorated with beaded clips or ornaments, such as butterflies.

The hair is tonged using a light blow-dry spray to give flexibility and movement. Three bun rings are pinned together and placed on the crown of the head. The hair is wrapped around the rings, pinned securely in place and finished with firm-hold hairspray.

A natural-coloured cord is wound around the hair and fastened behind the ear. If you want to dress the hair further, add an ornate hair pin on one side of the head, and hold it in place using fine pins.

To create this romantic look, you can employ either the classic technique of plaiting damp hair and leaving it to dry before you unravel the plaits, or the modem technique of using a hot waving iron. Use a glossing spray to finish and simply dress the style with a fine necklace or hair ornament pinned around the forehead.