Wedding Hair Updos


A wavy and curly wedding hair updo

Your wedding is a very special day so what better time to wear a hairstyle that looks great but is only available for that special occasion. There are a number of Wedding hair updos that you can choose so here is a selection of some of the best and also tips on how to achieve a great updo.


A Wedding Hair updo can be achieved with the following tips

1 If you are having an updo, wash your hair the night before the wedding, rather than on the day, since just washed hair can be harder to tame.


2 When you use any styling product, It is very important that most of It is applied at the roots, not the ends. This will stop the hair from being too flat.


3 Silky hair that usually hangs loose in a pretty but stubborn curtain can be tamed by the addition of styling agents. Thickening volumizing spray, wax and mousse will all help the tiara or veil grip onto the hair. Make sure that you do not over condition fine hair, as this will weigh it down.


4 To put more volume into your style, alternate between hot and cold heat settings when you are blow-drying your hair. Dry the hair first using hot ar then give each section a blast of cold air this will help with to how the style and shape the hair for longer.


5 Extra-large rollers will create great volume. Work from the top to the bottom of the head.  Take the sections of hair that are approximately  2.5 – 5 cm wide, depending on its length .  Roll the hair under the direction you want the style to lay and ensure that the rollers sit: snugly against the scalp for maximum body. Once all the rollers have been inserted, spritz the hair with a styling spray for long lasting root lift.


6 Roller-set your hair to make it more manageable and easier to put upon the day.


7When using hair products, try to choose them all from the same range for the most effective results – they are designed to work together.


8 Backcombing is the backbone of all updos, giving both volume and staying power, it may look bad for your hair but it is essential.

The Best Wedding Hair Updos


This is one of the best and most natural looking updos


The updo is a classic and vintage wedding look


Most bides look great with their hair up on their wedding day