Wedding Hairstyles for Women With Short Hair

A girls wedding day is one of the most important days in her life, and she wants to feel and look like the most beautiful woman in the world. A lot of women might feel they have to grow their hair out as soon as a ring has been put on her finger because long hair in a polished updo is the “bridal” look.

If you love your short hair, and love the way it looks on you then don’t change anything. It starts with finding the perfect dress, and then finding a hairstyle that compliments your dress, face shape and hair texture.

Backless dresses are really trendy right now. Short hair looks perfect with this style of dress, because you may want to show off your back and shoulders, and a short hairstyle emphasizes your beautiful features and displays the dress beautifully.

Hairpieces are one of the simplest and chicest accessories for women with short hair on their wedding day. If you want something simple try a diamond or floral thin headband. These types of headbands look great with curly and textured hairstyles. If you want a simpler hairstyle but bolder hairpiece then try big flowers and feathers. Here are a few gorgeous wedding hairstyle ideas for women with short hair.

Short Curls and Waves on your Wedding Day

If you want to spruce up your short hair on your wedding day, the perfect way is to add lots of curls, waves, and volume.

A simple short hair wedding style

A beautiful wavy and simple hairstyle looks fabulous with short hair.

Keep it Simple

If you have a pixie haircut then simply brushing it forwarding and adding a glamorous headpiece is simple and chic.

Very short wedding hairstyle

This hair piece is traditional and bold.

Wear a Statement Making Headpiece

Keep your hair simple, straight, and softly brushed with a deep side part and adding a bold and elegant headpiece. This will show off your dress and facial features, while keeping your hair true to yourself, bold, and beautiful.

Wedding hair piece for women with short hair

This feather headpiece looks feminine and gorgeous.

Bird Cage Veil

You might notice that a lot of women with short hair choose not to wear a veil for their wedding day, and if they do, it’s typically a birdcage veil. This is a great option for simple short hair that makes a statement.

wedding style idea for short hair

This bird cage veil and flower is perfect for short hair.

Vintage Curls on your Wedding Day

Style your hair with bent vintage curls, a deep side part, and a simple barrette for a traditional and glamorous wedding hairstyle.

Short wedding style vintage curls

These simple vintage curls with a barrette is beautiful for any girl on her wedding day.

Big Volume

Create a lot of volume at the crown of your head, and the front of your hair and accessorize with a simple headband.


This voluminous short hairstyle is simply beautiful.