What are the Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair?

Thin hair has a beautiful texture that is often described as baby soft and delicate, but if you have this type of hair you are probably always searching for ways to add volume and make your hair appears thicker. With the right haircut and styling tricks you can have the soft voluminous hair that you desire.

There are a few product choices you can make to help your hair gain volume and movement. When you are buying a shampoo and conditioner choose one with a volumizing or texturizing effect. If you are using products for volume, frizz, styling, etc. Then you should choose products that are lightweight like sprays or mousse and stay clear of waxes, serums, and creams. Tip: Don’t add product when your hair is wet, rather wait until it is almost dry to prevent products from weighing down your hair.

In general, thin hair looks best at shorter or medium lengths because at longer lengths thin hair tends to look dull and this emphasizes it’s fineness. Of course this doesn’t mean you can’t have longer locks, but it will take more styling and a more strategic haircut to keep your hair full of body. Let’s take a look at a few of the best hairstyles for thin hair.

The Pixie Hairstyle gives body to Thin hair

The pixie is the obvious choice for fine hair. A layered pixie will bring volume and texture to your thin hair. You will want longer layers to keep the pixie easy to style, and shorter layers around the crown to add the desired volume. Adding wispy bangs will give you an elegant look without weighing down your fine hair.  Another great thing about the pixie is because its low maintenance your delicate hair won’t have to suffer through hours of heat damage.

Pixie Hairstyle for Thin Hair

This fun pixie adds volume, style, and the wispy bangs are chic and playful

The Angled Bob Haircut is a typical look for Victoria Beckham

This A-line bob will give you a little more length and give you one of the most flattering hairstyles for short hair. Have your stylist cut the back a little shorter than the front and the back will appear thick and voluminous while the front will frame your face and still allow you length for up-dos and styling.

A-line Bob for Thin Hair

This angled bob gives the illusion of thick hair and looks very fashionable.

The Shaped Shoulder Length Haircut

Thin hair looks best at shoulder length or shorter, so this cut will give you optimal length and fullness opportunity. Add angled layers that shape the face, this will create the illusion of movement and thickness.

Shoulder Length Hair Style for Thin Hair

This shoulder length hairstyle makes hair look thick of full of movement

A Blunt Bang with Shoulder Length Hair

If you don’t want layers but still want to shape your face, then get a blunt haircut. Keep your hair at all the same length but add blunt bangs. The blunt bangs and one-length will make your hair appear thicker than it really is.

Blunt Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Blunt bangs add the illusion of thick full hair.

How to do Beachy Waves with Thin hair

If you have thin hair but want long hair you can style then long waves or curls are a great options for you. Keep the length as long as you want but try to avoid getting a bunch of layers cut into your hair. A lot of people think layers add more movement and body, which is true in some cases. When you have thin hair layers will often leave your looking anemic. Once you’ve added some waves or curls your hair will be bouncy and full of body. Add a side part and side-swept bangs for some extra body and style. Use a lightweight hairspray to keep the curls long lasting, and use heat protector before curling.

Long Wavy Hair for Thin Hair

If you have long thin hair then add waves for added body and fullness.